• Updating data in mysql database using php

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    PHP | MySQL UPDATE Query

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    Also add a hidden field to hold the id of the record we will be updating so that it can be recognized in the database uniquely by it's id.

    In database data php using mysql Updating

    Each post will be displayed with an edit and delete button to permit the databaes to update posts as well as delete them. Now include this file at the top the very first line of your index. Doesn't look like the best form in the world right? Let's create the styles.

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    Now we move onto editting. If you like this tutorial, share it with your friends by clicking on any of the social media dataa below. Now if we click on the edit button on a satabase record from the database, the values will be filled in the form and we will be able to edit them. That's better! This explains it better: One last thing: Like so: For example, when editing, we display the update button on the form and when creating, we display the save button. The info table should have the following columns: That's what we are going to be doing in this post.

    Myysql, create a database named crud. Let's add the code that will be executed when this button is clicked. Let's fix that. Let's proceed with the others.

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