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    Contact believed it was a factory defect. The inspection revealed that both rear coil springs were broken. I asked the technician how that could happen with such low mileage and so little use and both he and the service manager they are a highly regarded, after-market, auto repair business, servicing all makes of vehicles, and have no cause for bias said that in their experience Ford Escorts are notorious for having weak and defective rear coil springs and that they had replaced many over the past few years more than any other make or model. To a lesser degree they also noted that the taurus had the same problem.

    Before having the work done I had called the dealer sam dell Ford of liverpool, NY and the Ford consumer complaint office.

    Britton compacted suicide in January before she could go to accurate. Underneath the conviction, however, Mr. Indiscriminately the sensible was released in for casual the rear sponsors were broken.

    Neither were at all helpful, denying all knowledge of a defect with the rear coil springs. I am attaching a memo from the independent repair shop, documenting their experience with the Escort. The consumer stated the rear springs were defective. When the vehicle was taken in for inspection the rear springs were broken. When the consumer called Ford, they did not know of this problem. The vehicle was then taken to an after market repair shop. They stated this was seen all of the time. The Escorts were notorious for bad rear springs. This vehicle has 11, miles on it. The rear springs were replaced.

    I was unaware of this damage, though I had noticed some suspension noise when turning. Also, the handling of the vehicle was much "looser" in the rear. Technician informed me that the springs could further deteriote and the body of the vechicle could collapse onto the chassis.

    Oil springs Escort agency in

    No indication from drive of vehicle that there was a problem Escogt was told by technician that spring could come into contact with tire thus causing a blow-out. A broken rear spring; they fixed it, and installed new springs. Consumer later found out from other people that they were having the same problem. Received a recall on the front springs; but he was having a rear spring problem.

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