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    Dating With a Stutter

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    By Colleen CrawfordIn Dating Dating is a nerve wracking process at the best of times Stutetring and especially the initial process of meeting people, chatting to Stutterlng, getting to know them and then letting them know how you feel. However this is all much more scary for someone who has to deal with a stutter or a stammer — which means that even when everything is going well and you do connect, you might still struggle to get the words out.

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    This makes it very difficult to look confident and at ease, and Stutterkng a barrier between you and the person you are trying to get datibg know. Depending on how the other party reacts this can be quite an awkward occasion and unfortunately sihe very Stittering, along with the relatively high steaks, mean that if you do stutter you are very likely to at this point. This means that the first date can be even more terrifying if you have a stutter, but the problem also goes deeper than that. Then problems arise further into the dating process.

    The Silver Lining There is something of a silver lining to this situation however. The very first of these is that a stutter can act as a great buffer and a great way to separate the wheat from the chaff. In other words it can save you a lot of time with time wasters and can actually make the process smoother. Meeting People When You Have a Stutter As with anything then, and as is the case for anyone, finding the right person is really what is key here and from there everything will fall into place.

    The answer is plenty of ways — and again meeting people in clubs is something that is rather doomed to failure anyway. The noise means that Stuttering dating site one can get to know anyone properly anyway, and the whole cattle-market like process is geared to resulting in one night stands and brief flings between people who have nothing in common. The sitw methods avoid these problems and make Stutgering with a stutter much easier: Online Dating Online dating is the perfect solution for anyone with a stutter, first and foremost because you can get plenty of time to chat and to get to know each other before you need to meet in person.

    This way being eloquent is not a requirement, and you can choose to tell the prospective partner about your impediment when the time is comfortable for you. Dating Other Stutterers These are people who are guaranteed to be sympathetic to your impediment — and who will come ready with a whole selection of friends and relatives who are also sympathetic and more importantly used to it. It gives you something immediately in common too. Of course it does mean that you can sometimes bounce off of each other — and that you take twice as long to have conversations as you would if just one of you had the stutter. I know it can be a daunting choice to make.

    Dating site Stuttering

    We want to present the best of ourselves in our online dating profiles regardless of sitw fluency. The daring day, a fellow stuttering friend asked me this question as sjte pondered giving online dating a try. So I connected her with another stuttering friend of mine who had success with online dating. With permission, I cut and pasted their Facebook conversation as I really liked the advice that was given. Corrections were made to typos, grammar, and chatspeak for clarity. How do you bring stuttering up in your online profile? Or do you? The moral is you are you, that man is whoever he is.

    If he is not willing to accept you, he is not worth your respect or time but most importantly your stutter. I see no need to put it on your profile. Do you know any women who found love online who stutter?

    Man or woman, vulnerability breeds confidence, its equal for each to find lovers. Include it or not will lead you down different paths. I know. By not stating that I stutter.

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