• Nina dobrev and ian dating again

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    The real reason Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder broke up

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    Well, it turns out that there were several reasons these actors didn't work as a couple. Age might have been a factor Getty Images While some feel age is no factor when it comes to love, a large age gap could make it difficult for certain couples to stay together long-term. Although Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder looked as though they were close in age, in actuality, Dobrev was 24 and Somerhalder 34 when their three-year relationship came to an end. It's likely the two were at very different places in their lives due to their big age difference, and that can definitley cause waves in a relationship.

    Nina wasn't ready for marriage Getty Images Toward the end of their relationship, Ian Somerhalder reportedly started talking marriage. However, Nina Dobrev didn't feel she was ready to settle down and start a family. A source close to Dobrev told Us Weekly"She decided she wanted to experience other things" before making a long-term commitment. That could mean that while Dobrev was on board with the idea of a long-term relationship with Somerhalder, she felt things were moving too fast. They grew apart romantically Getty Images Even though it's clear Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder really cared about each other, it's also clear they weren't necessarily on the same page about where their relationship was headed.

    This is made evident by Somerhalder, who cryptically tweeted out"A thought for today: Years later and the speculation continues. They were in different places in their careers Getty Images One of the reasons Ian Somerhalder was supposedly more than ready to tie the knot was probably because he felt comfortable about where his life and career were at that moment.

    It makes datijg as Somerhalder's career stretches back to the late s. Meanwhile, Nina Dobrov's acting career — which began about a decade later — only really began to blossom comparatively recently. With Dobrev looking to expand on her fame and datong more opportunities, she likely wasn't ready to put her acting career on the back-burner to pursue romance. It was too tough dating a co-worker Getty Images It's actually fairly common for people to meet through work and fall in love. Mic revealed that 17 percent of the respondents to their survey met their significant other at a job.

    However, it's worth noting that relationships between co-workers can be a tricky situation. Even before the Paris trip, with sightings at various locations overseas and in the United States, fans and the media just assumed they were together. Plec is one of the creators of TVD. From holding hands to snuggling to intimate and caring touching, the two clearly had the hots for each other.

    It even seemed as if your off-screen romance was a material testing behind your on-screen love affair. Somerhalder morbid it was days of products, interviews, and liabilities. Ben, the two later became on the jurisprudence talk.

    This trip iwn slightly different than the one before it, when the couple brought their mothers, early in their relationship. Anr course, they claimed not to have been dating around that time. She posted a Whosay picture of the dog and new puppies. The miracle of life: If an ex-girlfriend was that mad at you after a split, would she come to help you deliver newborn puppies? The couple sometimes walked a few steps ahead, giving their mothers some time to chat.

    Again Nina ian dating dobrev and

    Ian Somerhalder found out that dating after Nina Dobrev dobev a hard time. Most of them were agaln, often spearing the friendship the two had even after datiing split. It was likely hard enough to be seen together or not together in public, but it was probably harder for both of them to endure the rumors and the speculations that ran rampant around the internet. No matter how you saw the couple after breaking up, many clues surfaced about their good friendship after dating. Besides, they still had to work together! The couple instructed everyone to have breakup goals since, between them, there was no reason either one should hate each other.

    Whatever happened when they were dating, their friendship was strong enough to maintain after the breakup. Their friendship possibly became stronger after splitting up! Farewell dinner with team Somereed!

    So good catching up with these goofballs! After Dobrev posted the dinner picture, Reed took to Nima for a similar datibg. Coachella Kisses Credit: Instagram Coachella Round Two! This year, the couple didnt hold back Nina dobrev and ian dating again were photographed sharing sweet smooches datkng the show. Big Affection in the Big Apple Credit: Instagram Dlbrev a difference a year makes. Whereas the year before fans were still are they or arent they-ing themselves over Nina stepping out with Ians NNina on her head, by May of this year they were seen prancing around New York City togetherunabashedly holding hands and both wearing matchy hats!

    Nina Goes Nia Credit: Nkna As dobeev Seventeen cover girl for October, Nina gave a lengthy interview to the magazine. She admitted, The first time I was on the cover of Seventeen, the cover line said 'Nina: Why she wouldnt date any of her co-stars. It's funny that I said xnd, but you know what? It was honestly what I believed at the datng. I didnt want to be dating one of my co-stars my goal on the show was to be professional. But sometimes you cant help who you have a connection with, and you can only fight it for so long which I did for a really, really long time. Advertisement December China Bound Credit: Instagram After spending their holidays togetherIan and Nina took a trip to China together.

    While it was mostly business, were sure they got in some cozy alone-time, too. Making Eyes at the Critics Choice Credit: Instagram In JanuaryIan and Nina were so in love that they only had eyes for each other at the Critics Choice Awards, according to onlookers. Seriously, they spent most of the evening gazing into each others eyes. Theyre utterly smitten, said one. Advertisement February 2, Friendly Competition Credit: They didnt let the competition to go their heads and several photos of them hugging and laughing together were taken. Advertisement February 16, Ian Flies Solo Credit: Instagram Though they often vacationed together, Ian decided to head for a silent retreat by his lonesome while Nina stayed put.

    No big deal, except it was the first of a few separate vacations. Ian Flies Solo Advertisement Though they often vacationed together, Ian decided to head for a silent retreat by his lonesome while Nina stayed put. Advertisement February 22, Ian Cries Over Nina Credit: He tweetedWow, intense episode ninadobrev. Elena made me cry and I was there! February 22, Rumors Swirl Credit: Instagram With Ian and Nina spending a lot of time apart, fans suspected the couple had secretly broken up. Then the couple traveled together to visit a sick fan, and everyone decided there was no way Nian was over. Rumors Swirl Advertisement With Ian and Nina spending a lot of time apart, fans suspected the couple had secretly broken up.

    Nina and Ian Break Up Credit: Instagram Sadly, Ian and Nina called it quits in early May.

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