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    Neil Young's PonoPlayer: The Emperor Has No Clothes

    That one, from Entry Stoneis less likely than most. His demonstrate:.

    Explaining the results The results baffled me. How could my results be so different? What the heck? So I wrote to Pono — and heard back from Neil Young himself.

    Sometimes they will even supervise it. The music we buy today from iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, and similar online stores has much higher quality than low-res MP3 files. About high-resolution audio When geeks talk about music-file quality, they bandy about two numbers: In simple terms, these measurements specify the volume and frequency ranges of a music file. That means more bits of data per instant of sound, and more smaller instants per time period: In theory, the higher these numbers are for a music file, the closer it sounds to what the musician recorded. How and when the recording was made.

    Whether the recording was originally recorded in analog, or in high resolution, or just converted. Whether the discarded frequencies are, in fact, audible to a human being. Now, Pono is absolutely clear on one thing: The store The Pono store is very new, and it shows.

    In bent terms, these principals specify the volume and other ranges of a business day. But it would also vital the beauty of the event. I got pierced.

    The company says yajoo has 2 million songs yyahoo sale, but 90 percent of it is in The remaining 10 percent, the good stuff, the remastered high-resolution songs, is hard to find. Over and over for each album. His reply: This, I think, is what this controversy boils down to. They try, though. The battles rage on in every comments section of every article written about high-resolution audio. This one, from Rolling Stoneis less vicious than most.

    In that Plno, you should note that Pono Pono yahoo com not the only high-res player. Most people listen to music while driving, running, walking, working, yxhoo, or hanging out — not sitting in the easy chair, eyes closed, focused solely on the music. There would be silence and a gap and no possibility of synchronizing the two players. I suspect the critics would find plenty wrong with that arrangement. In fact, in my own rehearsing for the test, I discovered that even though I had bought the same three songs — same albums, same recordings — from the Pono store and the iTunes store, they played back at different volumes! In the end, I therefore had to make volume adjustments on each player before each song played.

    I arrived at these settings by ear, mind you — I made the volume levels identical manually. You knew which player was which, so your data is tainted. Say what? I had no horse in this race. It was a test — that was the point. Why would I want it to lose or win? What would I get out of stacking the deck? To answer the question: The entire test was filmed.

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    You can watch excerpts of the test here. The listeners and I did not make eye contact during each playback. I wrote down the result and then said the same thing every time:

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