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    Our uniform was tight short shorts and a "coral" coloured top. It was easy money. I liked easy money. I tried being a 'sugar baby' - yeah, you know what that means - when I was having trouble getting a job after high school. He actually wanted to make small talk about my career and that kind of thing. I cater to most fetishes. Tight Kitty, Always Clean!

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    Melo Alves, 98 - Jardins. The place is clean and cozy with friendly waiters ready to serve you and your friends booze and snacks. Bubu Lounge, Rua dos Pinheiros, Big gay bar and club, with lounge, VIP room and dance floor. Especially popular on Friday with a young gay crowd. Cantho, Largo do Arouche, For older clients. Farol Madalena, Rua Jerico Farol Madalena is a mix of bar, restaurant and live song pub directed to the GLS public. Some bistro, some cafe. I am a stickler for good screening. Here, again, my life coach business provides cover. I make sure that my potential clients know to expect a call from a life coach. It makes them a lot more comfortable giving me the screening information I need.

    The advantages of having a carefully built cover story became apparent the third date I booked. This was a prominent guy from a fairly small state in the Midwest. He had political ambitions and an image he wanted to keep squeaky clean. He also wanted to spend some down time during the week he was in Washington. He was very easy to screen once he knew I would be calling as a life coach. He was right on time and very impressed with the luxury minimalism I had furnished my apartment with. It is not a hard look to achieve, just use a very minimal palate of colour and get all of three nice pieces of simple furniture and an unfussy geometric carpet.

    Add a decent crystal vase with a few stems of a vivid flower and you are done. I keep the lights low and indirect. My Mid-Westerner had had a hard day in the marble halls of power and really did need to relax. I greeted him in a lovely Diane von Furstenberg wrap dress which, by the time I had sent him off to the tub, had become a bit unwrapped. I gave his back a good wash and then dried him, first roughly and then gently.

    I always drop national satisfaction and complete suffering. Hiding in conventional loan:.

    And lots of life coaches offer Skype sessions where you pay in advance. I set my rates to make sure I could do well with only a couple of dates a week at the start. But the great advantage of having the day job is that my escorting income can be channeled through my life coaching company, taxed, and safely deposited. One the other hand, I never bank or declare my cash tips. Those are my fun money. By establishing a legitimate business identity early on I have been able to deduct a fair number of expenses. I also have been doing a bit of modelling with some of the photographers I have worked with on my site. I declare that income but I also write off things like make-up and hair, manicures and pedicures, intimate grooming and the occasional spa day which, if you want to look great, can really add up.

    I am absolutely adamant with my clients:

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