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    Declining water quality as a result of rapid coastal development since European settlement c. This rather austere outlook is further exacerbated by the Great Barrier Reef GBR contentiously being argued as not the best managed reef in the world, with delays in water quality improvement programs and the threat of increased port development along the Queensland coastline 67. Yet there is still considerable disagreement lors the Townshil health of coral reefs on the GBR 891011 and the link between reef decline and water-quality change Townsship to the debate is the absence of systematic monitoring studies over relevant timescales. Fortunately, palaeo-ecological and -environmental sectiom can provide a means to understand centennial to millennial-scale ecological changes on inshore reefs and their response to recent environmental change e.

    Nevertheless, increased replication and high-resolution isotopic dating is helping to overcome these limitations. Comparisons between historical and modern photographs can also provide a powerful Towwnship tool to assess recent changes in environmental condition following European settlement. For instance, using anecdotal comparisons of daating collection of historical photographs taken from c. However, historical photographs are qualitative not quantitative, represent an incomplete temporal record and the original photographers were likely to be biased towards more picturesque areas of the reef.

    Such a comparative approach has significant limitations as definitive proof of declines on inshore reefs of the GBR Importantly, the photographic comparisons provide minimal constraint on the timing of the changes observed and subsequent linkages to possible drivers. The integration of historical photographic comparisons with high-precision U-Th dating can help to place these changes in an accurate chronological timeframe; markedly increasing their interpretive value to managers. In this study we revisit Bramston Reef and Stone Island; two of the historical photograph locations in Wachenfeld 19 that have shown an apparent decline in coral cover over the past years Fig.

    Using standard benthic transects and the highly precise U-Th dating technique, we determine the timing of coral mortality, and provide an important ecological baseline with which to judge the recovery or decline of modern coral communities. This approach can be applied to other sites having undergone changes in coral community structure in order to provide a broad scale understanding of changes on the GBR. Figure 1: Sampling location. Major rivers influencing this area include the Don and Gregory Rivers, as well as several other streams draining directly into the bay.

    Gloucester Island GI and Cape Gloucester CG are also labelled as they appear as major landmark features in the background of the historical photographs Figs 2 and 4. Bramston Reef and Stone Island are located at the northern end of the bay. Geoscience Australia. This image clearly shows the extensive land use in the area. Results Modern benthic composition To assess the recovery, or lack thereof, of coral communities, the same sites at Bramston Reef and Stone Island photographed in were located using the bearings and geographic features described by Wachenfeld 19 surveys predate the availability of hand held GPS.

    Bramston Reef was revisited at a tide of 0. The first photograph was taken looking south-east over Bramston Reef with Gloucester Island and Cape Gloucester as the landmark feature in the background Fig. In both photographs, a large number of dead faviids dominate the benthos in the foreground of the images. The dead coral surfaces and sediment were mostly covered by turf or macroalgae. Larger colonies were found Supplementary Fig. S3ehowever, they were much lower in abundance than their non-living counterparts.

    In Supplementary Figure S3tabular Acropora colonies can also be seen. Benthic surveys conducted at Bramston Reef at the same location as the photographs revealed mean live coral cover to be 7.

    Despite a high abundance of dead faviid colonies, mean dead coral cover was low 7. Figure 2: Historical and modern photographs of Bramston Reef. Markham left and N. Crumb I had the same experience as Comment I could tell this was going to be like buying a time-share or special cruise package. When asked why they are so expensive they justify it with things like: And they do all the matching for you so you save time by not having to look through all the clutter like other services. She really thought I was special and they needed more men like me. This would get me 10 matches. After about six months I had met and gone out with all of my matches and none of them seemed to fit.

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