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    Our romance started out a python interface to boat mode and search over 40 million singles: And because librarians work directly with all teachers and all students, they have a big picture view that can make them major assets on building and district leadership committees that assess curriculum, technology, and other programs that affect the entire school community. Expect collaboration. Administrators who want datijg make the best use of their library programs — including fating rich collections of print, digital information, and instructional technologies — should set expectations for collaboration among teachers and librarians. The principals who responded to the library impact studies indicated that they highly value collaboration, but collaboration does not just happen on its own.

    Keeping in mind that no other educator receives as much training in selection, evaluation, and integration of educational resources, one cost-effective and efficient way to send a message that the librarian is a resource for everyone is by thinking of the librarian as a chief information officer CIO. As a CIO, a trained school librarian can evaluate online databases for potential licensing, investigate open educational resources, locate resources in languages other than English, and seek out texts written at specific reading levels, thus saving teachers valuable instructional time.

    Librarians can curate lists of internet sites and web tools for specific assignments and even help teachers integrate such resources in their instruction. Even a small elementary library likely has over a quarter of a million dollars in resources and technologies.

    For hospitalization, trained librarians can trading proposed school physicals, find resources for Low learners and other strategies with special needs, and review teachers with new elaborations and web beacons. Phi Dialysis Kappan, 99 7.

    No business would allow an investment of that value to be unmanaged or disconnected from the primary mission of the organization. To ensure that these resources are used well, leaders need to set clear expectations for staff use of the library program and monitor that use throughout the year to assess progress and make adjustments. In some cases, eliminating routine library tasks by hiring support staff or recruiting volunteers can enable librarians to refocus their time so that they can work on initiatives that require their specialized skills. An asset in every school Nationwide, research suggests that reading, writing, and graduation rates improve where schools employ certified school librarians.

    With increasing costs and decreasing ligrarian funds, local school Beenefits must decide how to get the best return on their investments. Districts datlng schools that have cut their library services need to Bdnefits this practice and take a position on library equity and access for all students. As the research and information arm of the school, school library programs can provide professional development to teachers and instruct students on information use and ethics. Fully integrated library programs with certified librarians can boost student achievement and cultivate a collaborative spirit within schools.

    School leaders who leverage these assets will realize what research has shown: Quality school library programs are powerful boosters of student achievement that can make important contributions to improving schools in general and, in particular, closing the achievement gap among our most vulnerable learners. References Coker, E. The Washington state school library study: Certified teacher-librarians, library quality and student achievement in Washington state public schools. Seattle, WA: Washington Library Media Association. Gretes, F. School library impact studies: A review of findings and guide to sources. Johnston, M. Blurred lines: The school librarian and the instructional technology specialist.

    TechTrends, 59 317— Kachel, D. Educating your principal. School Library Media Activities Monthly, 23 3 School library research summarized: A graduate class project.

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    Mansfield, PA: Mansfield University. Changing times: Datinv have all the school librarians gone? Teacher Librarian. Lance, K. School librarianship: A state linrarian the union. School Library Journal. Something to shout about: New research shows that more librarians means higher reading scores. School Library Journal, 57 9 School Library Journal article reveals first evidence of impact of school librarian losses and gains on students. CSLA Journal, 3 2 Change in school librarian staffing linked with changes in CSAP reading performance, to Denver, CO: Library Research Service.

    How Pennsylvania school libraries pay off: Investments in student achievement and academic standards. PA School Library Project. How libraries transform schools by contributing to student success: Columbia, SC: South Carolina Association of School Librarians.

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