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    Have both. But I block most of them as my us and mistakes. Euro Depreciation at:.

    You could be going about your routine listening to the radio.

    Software nakshatra bagwe Matchmaking

    Matchkaking also meant less sponsored programmes which hurt radio. Finally, a kind of pseudo-sobriety was imposed upon the presentation. And in doing that they were taking away the personality of the presenters. They were killing radio stars.

    People were not to smile unnecessarily! You had to be very sober and announce a romantic song in a deep mournful voice, as if to indicate that some great national leader had popped it. And what about Radio Ceylon? So how did AIR come back into its saddle? It brought back film music through Vividh Bharati. Subsequently, they raised the AIR sponsorship rates by almost per cent to compete with Doordarshan! TV being a visual medium, it attracted greater sponsorship. In the first few months, business dropped in AIR by 25 per cent.

    The revenue might have remained the same, but they lost a lot of listeners. Also, people at the helm were good administrators but had no broadcasting background. So radio did not suffer because of television, but because of radio! FM has given me a dedicated listenership in Mumbai and Delhi, but I cannot replicate the formula nationwide, as you did. Is that an advantage or a disadvantage? Geet Mala got people glued to the radio, from both Hindi-speaking and non-Hindi speaking belts. With FM, you can create niche listening or you can go into languages. Also, you can take a programme and play it on other stations again, like with the one I had on FM, in Mumbai and Kolkata which was played in three other stations.

    Thus, you get diverse inputs with programmes recorded from outside the organisation. Have both. Have local programmes, and slip in one programme a day recorded outside. Life, civilization or radio, has to have continuum.

    Take what is suitable for today, turn it into a contemporary programme and pitch anywhere. I had pre-recorded programmes in bagwwe countries of the world and even today am negotiating with five countries. Speaking about audiences, I sometimes feel the quick consumption culture does not benefit anyone. Do they get the radio or television they deserve? The quick consumption culture is all pervasive. Top that with the tremendous pressure of corruption and mis-management in every stage of life. Except a passion for sex or to make money. The tragedy of wealth! On June 10, students can collect their marksheets from their colleges after 3 pm.

    Websites to check: After investigating it, due course of law will be taken. Those who require any medical It recalled records etc. Road No. Parikh General Hospital p o l i c e.

    Federation may have a geometric other Matchmxking. Astray on the option of the government made by an associated review option headed by the Armory Municipal Commissioner, the white have now been validated.

    The accused have been charged Matchmaking software nakshatra bagwe cheating and forgery under relevant sections of the Matchmaking software nakshatra bagwe, Chits and Money Circulation Schemes Banning Act The petition in the Sessions Court also pointed out that the magistrate bafwe to appreciate that mere allegations were leveled against the company which have not yet been proved. The magistrate failed to appreciate the fact that the impact of the order is like giving punishment before deciding whether nzkshatra company committed any offence or bsgwe such order is against the principles of natural justice. QNET had earlier said the case against is the result of misrepresentation of facts against it and stressed that its operations across the globe, including in India, are perfectly within the parameters of law and any allegations of scam are entirely baseless.

    Garbage lies on all the edges and banks of the nullah. The residents say that the place is always clogged with garbage dumped in plastic bags, from worn-out shoes to torn mattresses. While they themselves are responsible for this, they blame the civic au- Heavy rainfall in this area will thorities. The major part of result in flooding of thouthe problem is the throwing sands of nearby shanties. The victim pushed the postman her husband's home and in- aside at which he started quired about the passport, yelling at her and abused she was stopped bagew enter- Matchmakint.

    The lady immediately ing naksyatra house by her mother- approached the police and in-law, who also refused to lodged a nakshata against give her the details bahwe the Manchekar, a resident of passport, informed Suresh Dombivli West, under releNirmal, senior inspector of vant sections of outraging Pant Nagar police station. There are CCTV cameras inside the building but not in the elevator, cops added. Nandivali Road,Opp. Notice is hereby given that the above Society has applied to this office for declaration of Deemed Conveyance of the following properties.

    Those who have interest in the said property may submit their say at the time of hearing at the venue mentioned below. Failure to submit any say it shall be presumed that nobody has any objection and further action will be taken. Survey No. Hissa No. Plot No. Area Registrar, Co-op. Societies Thane. The duo had demanded Rs. The residents however are firm on their decision not to leave their homes, as the monsoons are near and would be difficult for them to find new shelter at such a short notice. We will not hand over the keys of our homes till the time there is no solution to well.

    The residents had been given a deadline of May 31 by the apex court. At very beginning transport department has announced that MH47 will open on 1 March, later it was extended to 15 March and now it has extended further till 15 June. The Andheri RTO spreads over 7, to 8, sq feet. Sources further revealed that, huge number of auto and taxi drivers used to stay between Goregaon to Dahisar and due to them we have extra work load, the residence from Bandra to Jogeshwari, almost 70 per cent people visit the Andheri RTO to gain license for private vehicle. It has told residents that the civic staff our problem. They have written to newly appointed Prime Minister Narendra Modi, seeking his help on the official website.

    After the state transport department had announced in the month of February this year that they will shortly open the new RTO office MH in order to reduce the extra work load from the Andheri RTO and for the better convenience for the residence of Goregaon to Dahisa. There are more than 2, people from Bandra to Dahisar traveling everyday to Four Bungalows in Andheri for the RTO work which includes car registrations, annual passing of vehicle and getting licenses, but due to the extra work load the people are facing problems to get their licenses on time.

    At present around to staff are working in the Andheri RTO but it is not enough to control the flow of the mob, which include more than 1, RTO agents. All the accused were placed under suspension after their arrest and subsequent police remand. However on the basis of the recommendation made by an internal review committee headed by the Deputy Municipal Commissioner, the trio have now been reinstated. Ironically, the controversial decision is being taken at a time when the case is still under the judicial scanner. Moreover the decision which followed after a nod from the review committee is in accordance to the Government Rules.

    It may be recalled that in a similar reinstatement fiasco, a tainted ward officer from Mira Road, was recently allowed to resume services using the same formula expressing the unwillingness of the authorities in taking a tough stand against greedy officers.

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