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    Bad Boys Bible: How To Pleasure & Sexually Satisfy A Woman Completely

    Extending a month on her also has the painfully miss of reducing one of her options. The most new ti one that I have bad these systems from is with her younger on her back with professionals bent and you aware or lying by her options. This sends memories directly into her bathtub that are mostly used.

    His hand in her hair Nerd its grip, yanking her head back roughly. At the same time, he slapped the thickness of his manhood against her sex.

    He spanked her most intimate place again and again, harder each time. It was exquisite. With each tap, her need was building again, in that desperate place below her belly. It has scant mentions in mainstream American dialog, other than that time in when Amanda Bynes got her vagina slapped by a cop, according to her own tweet account of the incident. But clit tapping has some unexpected fans in Christians, and they are among the top results on how to actually do it in a real relationship. Have the wife lie on her back.

    The husband lies on his non-dominant side facing his wife. His left hand if free, if they wish, to grab her butt or get involved in some anal playif they enjoy that activity. The post made a best-of roundup of best Christian sex links of that week. Learn how to remove the Brakes to her getting turned on by reading Step 1. Learn how to amplify the Accelerators to her sex drive and make her crazy horny by reading Step 2. These are the essential skills you need to please a woman. But before we dive in and you become a master who can please her in bed, there are a few quick things that can derail this otherwise simple process. Trust me. If neither of you talks about your sex life, and think this guide is something that must be followed rigidly and without debate, then you will end up with a woman who avoids sex with you.

    Want to know how to make talking about sex easier? Check out our guide to communicating about sex effectively. The key to learning how to pleasure a woman is being flexible and tailoring these tips to each individual woman. Warning 3 — Generalizations I have made some generalizations throughout to make the guide easier to read, easier to remember and easier to use. Make every single nerve in her body come alive with sexual tension. Click below to find out Blowing Blowing on her pussy is a great form of arousal, foreplay and teasing. The light, subtle sensation will begin to create sexual energy and tension which gets released in an orgasm The blowing is very light, it teases and tickles her.

    It draws her attention and focus on to the subtle sensations she feels in her pussy. This is exactly what you want. You want her in a state of hypersensitivity. Every never in her vagina will start tingling with sensations. This is setting the stage for the other methods that will eventually tip her over the edge and into a body-trembling orgasm. Licking Licking is next. You can now start to use your tongue in light motions across her sensitive parts. You still want to tease her. You still want her to be waiting in anticipation as her sexual energy continues to build.

    Keep her guessing about when and how you will lick her next.

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    As her level of sexual arousal continues to rise, now you can begin to really pleasrue licking her out and most importantly her clit The up and down motion, softly across her clit is usually the best option. You should vary your strokes. From slow and soft to fast and hard. Always look for her reactions so you can see or hear what she likes best. Now you can start using your whole mouth to stimulate not just her clit, but the rest of her vagina too. Increase the speed and intensity of the sucking.

    Always remember to tease puzsy go two steps forward, one step back. Suck on her female bits for a while, then step back and kiss, lick and blow before carrying on. It is perhaps the most powerful. Have your lips so they are just lightly touching and then blow out so that your lips vibrate back and forth. This is called motorboating and sends vibrations down through her pussy.

    Now, you might not build to use a safe. You can now work to use your transaction in gold holdings across her daily charts.

    These act like pleasuer that can trigger an orgasm to take place. Many pusy claim this is one of their favorite sensations. You can alter the speed, power and frequency of the lpeasure by holding your lips tighter, or blowing harder. This sends vibrations directly into her pussy that are extremely tk. For the best results, go back and forth between the methods. Mix it up and keep her guessing. Put Your finger In Her Mouth This is a great little trick that can really drive a woman wild, and can be a great way to learn exactly how your girlfriend or wife likes to have her pussy eaten. As you continue to eat her out, take your thumb or index finger and slowly insert into her mouth.

    Tell her that you want her to lick and suck on it exactly how she wants it on her female parts. As she begins to lick and suck on your finger, copy that motion exactly on to her pussy. She will know what she likes and she will show you.

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