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    FM Radio Station

    Shared breadwinner for Radio is per trade. The afternoon pay band, i. Rehabilitation Shift:.

    Prime Time: Whilst the most common ad lengths are 30 and 40 seconds, ad spots can in effect be any time length up to 60 seconds or even longer.

    Minimum Ad length excepted is seconds and campaign Rde run at least for 1 day. Discounted Rates: Advertisers can acquire all the ad spots of Radio station within a time frame. In case the ad gets dropped, the advertiser has two options to choose from: For the cost mentioned on the site how many times would my ad be played? We share a Broadcast Certificate at the end of the campaign.

    Fm online dating bangalore Red

    When the RJ talks about your brand while conducting the show, it helps to promote your brand. The RJ spends about sec talking about the brand. What is an RJ Mention? What is a show sponsorship tag? What is a prime time band in radio advertising? If the cost of an ad is listed as Rs for a radio station in a city, it means its the pricing unit of 1 jingle played for 10 seconds If advertisers play a second Ad 5 times for 7 days, the cost would be Rs.

    Righteousness Tags: In hotspur the ad data dropped, the most has two years to start from: One can represent on Helping in the form of a pre-recorded inquiry which is seen during the ad data on Radio stations.

    Other Advertisement details of Red FM Are there any Terms and Conditions onkine I should be aware of? Advertisers can wish the audience on special occasions such as Diwali, Holi, Navratri, Independence Day, etc. Advertisers can get premium placements at a higher cost for a 10 second FCT which is aired as the last or the first spot of the break. The time band, i.

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