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    While he was I like being this close to you, and, anyway, I'll cyte okay after a few minutes. Gkrl I guess this was fun, sort of. IT tutor Ian Goy, 27, used the MSN messenger service to flirt with the girl and persuade her to send him pictures of her posing provocatively in her underwear. Goy, a head of year at a comprehensive, was arrested after the girl's mother looked up from her ironing at home and spotted his image - naked from the waist up - on a computer her daughter was using. She searched her messages and found two hotmail addresses and inappropriate chatlogs on the PC between her daughter and Goy who gave himself the profile name 'KarmaKiller.

    At Preston Crown Court, Goy, of Lockerbie Avenue, Thornton Cleveleys, near Blackpool showed no emotion as he was convicted by a jury of causing or inciting an under age girl to engage in sexual activity by a person in a position of trust. He will sentenced on March 22 and was remanded on conditional bail. But Judge Heather Lloyd told him: All sentencing options are open and that includes custody. Trouble began after his fiancee left him on his 26th birthday in April and he was said to be 'feeling upset.

    The following month another user called 'bigpimpintheNYC' contacted the girl and gave Goy's log on details. She contacted him and they began talking about everyday incidents at school but the conversations turned sexual as the teacher began asking her about her personal life. Despite her conservative upbringing and the lack of support from her family, she is adamant in achieving her goal. Preston is always there cheering for her and being the supporting boyfriend who cater to her every needs.

    Even with her conservative nature, Preston is more than patient with her. Being in love. Are you kidding me, woman? It make me so mad to read this particular chapter where she end up hurting the one person who love her unconditionally. To say I'm freaking angry is an understatement. I decided that she needs to grovel on her knees to get Preston back.

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