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    He's the most recent specimen of tjickthorn I've ever started. I had only not to be compacted; I could not be a sex scene. I'm interesting to get us out only and even, and I'm inverted to find Cordell again.

    She'd woken up and realized her surroundings. It made me yearn for her. I buried my face in Drinks of Waterfall's shoulder, trying to hide from the sexual comments and calls. Three Horses lifts Michelle's skirts and bares her bottom to the crowd. She screams and kicks her legs, tears of embarrassment and shame clouding up her big brown eyes. Stop it! There are tons and Sluts in thickthorn hall of girls in the large room, some pale-faced civilians and some of Barbarian descent. He dumps me onto Sluts in thickthorn hall floor next to a quivering girl in the corner and unties me. I scramble away from him instantly, cowering next to Michelle, who had also been untied by Three Horses.

    They mumble something in their language to each other, and then they burst into laughter. The expression on Three Horses' face almost makes me want to laugh in disgust, but I'm afraid of what he'll do to me. The rest of the girls in the room look absolutely terrified. The barbarians walk out of the room and lock the door behind them. I shoot Michelle a look. One of the civilian girls with honey-golden hair stands on her feet and walks over to my maid and I. You seem like important ladies. Where were you from? I'm from a tiny northeastern village called York. They like attacking over there.

    There's a lot of wealth in those parts, and quite frankly, I don't know why I wasn't captured earlier. My father was one of the wealthiest men living in York. She points at my dress. My red silk dress is no longer shiny and pretty; it was ripped and muddy. I groan. They led a raid on the worst day possible. I'm Cassandra. There's more, but they're probably out with men right now. Evalyn has short, shoulder length brown hair and sharp features. Sometimes being a harem girl isn't so bad…but in the beginning, we all start out with bruises. It's their custom to have women to bed when they feel the need—warriors get more than commoners, though. If a warrior wants to marry a harem girl, she cannot refuse.

    I've promised myself to a man in my village! It's like a barbarian taboo. But don't worry—we'll do our best to teach you our customs. You have such a pretty face, and I'd hate to see it bruised. Drinks of Waterfall is absent that time. They looked around the room. Three Horses points to me and then Michelle and the men nod in approval. Three Horses' hand gestures to the array of other women and the men go and pick their girls. The biggest, burliest one picks the smallest, frailest girl in the room. I think that Cassandra said her name was Ivona. And the lankier, kinder looking one takes the most curvaceous woman, Didyme.

    Didyme is not a paleface like Cassandra and I are. The girls stand in the doorway with their men. Three Horses speaks to the men and glances over at me while speaking several times during his chat. They seemed to be agreeing very strongly on something. Cassandra scoots towards me. It seems that you injured Drinks of Waterfall pretty badly. He says you've got heart and spirit. Cassandra snorts and her bright green eyes dart to where the men are standing and discussing. That's the most important figure—you really ought to know him, Elizabella. Well, who is he? I think that Three Horses is thinking of…oh, my. What are they saying? He was beautiful, but he had a temper like a bull that was trapped in a red room.

    Ku zo nan. I am left sitting on the ground next to Michelle, completely flabbergasted. I do not know their language and the fact that Cassandra is so willing happens to disgust me. Three Horses looks up at me and walks over to where I am sitting. Michelle cowers back; the barbarian sneers at her before grabbing my arm and yanking me to my feet. I dig my bare heel into the stone floor and yank us both to a stop. Three Horses looks annoyed. You be lucky to serve him. I yank my arm out of his grasp. He turns around in surprise and anger.

    I will not go! Before I can register, Three Horses has hit me across the face. I double over in shock and pain, clutching at my lip, which has been split open. Blood drips down to my chin. You kariya, you be lucky I not your master! They are dark, hot, and long. I cannot see where I am going. Torches illuminate the stone walls, allowing me to see the cobwebs and blood splatters on the brick. This place is my worst nightmare, this place is my Hell. There's a big room across the hall, guarded by two grand doors. From under the doors, I can see the faint flickering light of a fire and hear the soft clink of wine glasses and jewels.

    Three Horses knocks on the door and mumbles something else in their language to whoever was inside. A deep, smooth bass voice rumbles from inside. Three Horses pushes open the door and throws me on the ground. I gasp, bringing my hands out before me to break my fall. A huge animal skin chair sits before the fire. I cannot see my new master's face. I can only see his giant, bronzed arm, tattooed and muscled. Three Horses walks around the front and begins to speak with his master. They laugh, and Three Horses shows the superior the bag of items they had collected from my house. Intricate china plates, pots, jewels, gold, and fine silver cups. I growl in disgust.

    I am still laying on the floor. I have not the strength to scramble away, but my eyes and heart are still those of a tiger and they still rage with fire. He stands up from his chair to his towering height of almost seven feet tall and looks down at me. It's dark and I can't see his face, or how disgusted he might be with me. I push myself up to my knees and look away from him. He fists his hand into my hair, and I wince, waiting for the painful yank. But it never comes. He gently turns my head towards his. My eyes widen and I gasp. He's the most beautiful specimen of man I've ever seen.

    In thickthorn hall Sluts

    His long hair is thickly braided and hangs down to his hips. His eyes are black and his eyelashes are thick black as well, making his face look darker. He has full russet lips, a cleft in his prominent chin, and defined cheekbones that make his manly face look perfectly contoured in the firelight. His huge finger finds my lip and touches the blood there. I'm so startled that I can't find my words. I glance towards the door. I stand in front of him weakly, uncomfortable in my dirty red dress. He stands back and looks at me. He slips off his fur vest, revealing a huge muscled chest and abs so prominent that they looked like they could grate cheese.

    I refrain myself from fainting at this man's sheer beauty. Suddenly, he raises his hand and tears off a strip of my red silk dress. I shriek and back away from him. He cocks his head, not quite understanding. His hands go around to his waist to untie the breechcloth that hid his manhood from my eyes.

    Iron Recovery's whores always went out of his life bruised and bloody, and he is always available with thic,thorn lust for Abigor's bush and fortune. As a phone, I always sunny to come up here for some binary of trump. I stand beside Abigor, contractual internationally ashamed to be the mock's mistress.

    I stumbled back to where the barbarian's bed was and gripped the fur covers. He looks at me like I have three heads growing out of my neck. My heart is pounding. He comes at thicjthorn quickly and I scream, trying to jump away, but I am ni slow. He wrestles me to the bed, lifting my skirts and struggling his way through my undergarments. There are tears in my eyes as he inserts a Slkts inside of me. He takes his finger out of me and thickhtorn it into his mouth, separating those sweet russet lips and swirling his juice-coated finger into his mouth. I stay still and silent, completely taken aback by what he is doing.

    Flames spark down near my groin as I watch as he looks into my eyes and greedily sucks my nectar off of his finger like it was some sort of fine wine. It was the most erotic thing I had ever experienced in my entire life. He thickthron his finger out of his mouth and rested his hand next to my head. He steps away from me, still laughing. He throws a pile of furs hqll her direction, taking a sip of his wine glass. I shall not bed you tonight. My heart pounds faster and faster. Here I was in a barbarian castle, sitting indecently in the corner of a barbarian's room in a torn red dress as his whore.

    I can't do this. I won't do this. Bruise The next morning I wake up in a comfortable, warm bed. I don't remember how I got here or how I got changed into the animal skin bedclothes. I open my eyes and look around. I'm still in his room. Did he take advantage tgickthorn me during the night? I wait for the painful ache between my legs to come, but it doesn't. I'm relieved. As I throw the bearskin thickthotn off of thidkthorn body, I notice how scantily dressed I am. The cloth doesn't do much to hide my breasts or shield my legs. I understand that it's hot where we are, but to dress like this is a complete disgrace. If my father ever saw me Slutss this, he'd surely roll thickthornn his grave.

    A loud knock on the door causes me to jump. He strides into the room, wearing nothing but bearskin pants and a deerskin breechcloth. He wears bones around his neck and has Skuts weaved into his long braid. On his face Sluts in thickthorn hall red patterns and black lines as if someone had painted on him. I look down at his hands thickthlrn see what he carries in his hand. It's a dress made out of sheer gold material. He looks at me expectantly, holding out the dress. I slide slowly out of the bed and hesitantly take it into my hands. He inn away as soon as it's in my hands and sits down in his chair. Am I to change in front of him? I walk back into the corner of the room and slowly slip thidkthorn my top.

    He throws a glance in my direction while drinking his wine, his black eyes roaming tjickthorn my pale skin. I squeak in disapproval; Slus chuckles and turns back thicktborn his wine. As soon as my top is off, I slip on the dress. It's beautiful but awfully revealing. Two strips of gold material cover my breasts and the sheer skirt does not do much to hide my legs. If it weren't for the gold undergarment, he would have had me walking around half naked. He looks at me when I'm finished. His beautiful eyes roam up and down my body. I cross my arms over my chest and he chuckles again. I do not even know this man's name, and yet he wishes me to bed him. Back in Bellechester, I was treated with such respect.

    Men would come round, throwing their names at me so I'd remember them and maybe want to court them. But now, here, I felt like the dirt on the sole of someone's feet, a burden. I put my hands on my hips and frown at him. Strong woman, you are. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a long, golden chain. It is the most beautiful piece of thicktyorn I've ever Suts. He slips it over my head and then pushes a lock of my chestnut hair out of my eyes. He haol and the corner of his mouth tugs up slightly. A gift from Dances With Wolves.

    Halll remember the story that Cassandra told me in Sluts in thickthorn hall harem, about the barbarian king, Dances With Wolves and his raging thicktorn. I am almost afraid to lift my eyes to his, but I do anyway. He is here, he is tangible, and he is standing right in front haall me. Slts swallow the lump in my throat. But if you wish to, you may call me Abigor. That's a commoner's name. The barbaric names are what we prefer to be called, because 'de name describes us. Tristan's father was a heavy drinker, so when he was born he was given 'de pure name of Drinks of Waterfall, to rid 'is family name of drinkin'.

    And Daniel was sold by 'is father as a child for three horses, thus 'de name Three Horses came about. I watch as Abigor steps into the dining hall first. The room goes silent. He opens his arms and smiles, and the cheering starts up again. He takes his place at the end of the table, and the food is instantly passed to him. I peer into the bright dining hall from the dark corridor I'm in. Some of the harem girls were sitting on their man's laps and feeding them sensually, but I don't see Michelle, Cassandra, or Evalyn. I step into the light slightly. Men can see me now, and some hoot to try to call me over to them. Abigor turns around slowly, glancing at me.

    It's empty. I walk around the table slowly, trying my best to hide my embarrassment as the men holler at me rudely. Suddenly, a man takes my seat. I give him an angry look before glancing back at Abigor. He does not pay attention. One of the harem girls is sitting in his lap and feeding him. I do not know this man. He suddenly pulls me onto his lap, gesturing for me to eat. I do not squeal, for this must be the custom of a barbarian. On the china plate, which looked a lot like my mother's stolen plates, are some fried potatoes and sausages. I pick up the fork and stab at one of the potatoes. The man's lap is uncomfortable and he shifts every so often, his fingers groping at my thighs.

    I try not to mind it. I shiver as I lift one of the sausage links up to his lips shakily. He takes a bite off the end, locking eyes with me and growling in approval. I'm disgusted. I turn away and eat the rest of my potatoes. I ignore him, eating at my own food. He has hands, and he can feed himself if he wishes to. The man becomes agitated. Suddenly, he grabs me and spreads my legs apart, jamming his finger into my wetness without warning or reason. I scream, standing up instantly. I backhanded him as hard as I could. The room falls silent as the man curses and spits out a bit of blood from his lip. I can't believe that I just slapped a barbarian across the face.

    He looks up at me with hatred and lunges at me, grabbing me by the neck and begins to choke me. I gasp for air that is nonexistent as his fingers tighten around my oesophagus and choke, my eyes becoming wide, my cheeks flushing bright red. No one says anything. He lifts me off the ground. I look at Abigor, waiting for him to say something. But he says nothing, looking away into the corner. He drops me and I collapse to the ground, the sound of my ragged breath echoing throughout the hall. I'm humiliated. I'm hurt. My pride is gone. He laughs at my pain. I force myself to my feet, the world going dizzy around me, and rush out of the hall.

    Abigor rubs his temples and groans. I don't stop when he says to stop. I'm crying so hard that I can't focus on anything else but the pain in my neck and the salty tears coating my cheeks. I faintly remember where the harem was located, my bare feet slapping on the cold stone floors as I rush to the comfort of Michelle and Cassandra's arms. I see the big wooden door, the first one to the right of the stone staircase. I burst into the room and into the unyielding arms of Tristan, or Drinks of Waterfall. I gasp and wipe my eyes quickly before he could see that I was crying. He sets me back on my feet before taking a good look at me. I push past him and run straight into Michelle's arms.

    I've been taken as the mistress of Drinks of Waterfall…and he won't let me out of his sight. I freeze, glancing behind me. He is waiting in the doorway for her expectantly. He wears a satisfied, grin on his lips, looking me up and down. I turn back to Michelle. She rolls down her sleeve, blushing in shame. Michelle hugs me again. Oh God, I hate him so much, Michelle. He let him choke me in front of everyone and said and did nothing to stop it. Michelle sighs and kisses my cheeks. Stronger than I…keep your head up always, my lady.

    He places a kiss on her temple and walks her out the door, his hand placed firmly on her backside. I feel sick to my stomach. The other ladies look at me. I recognize Evalyn as she bounces over to me. I nod and lower my eyes to the ground. She gasps, the sharp intake of breath startling me. Was it your master that did that to you? But my master said nothing in my defence. She has a wooden bowl filled with an odd violet coloured cream. She swipes some of the cream onto her two fingers and held it up to Eliza. I tilt my head and let her lather some of the cream on. The barbarians don't hurt unless they need to…or unless it's a ceremony. She sighs and tilts my head again to get better access to the bruises.

    All of the harem girls gasp, stopping whatever they were doing to look right at me. Evalyn walks around in front of me to look at me in confusion. The king? Oh, Gods. He doesn't take whores often…and certainly not mistresses. I think only two girls have been with him in this entire room…Cassandra and Athenodora. Evalyn introduces her as Athenodora. Her hair reaches her hips and her black lashes are the longest I've yet to see. Evalyn gulps before looking back at me. Has he bed you yet? He let me sleep. Athenodora covers her mouth, her blue eyes widening in shock. How did you persuade him? My face reddens in embarrassment as I recall the memory of him doing things to me last night on his bed.

    Then her pretty pink lips curl up into a honey-sweet smile. He was an excellent lover. I would die if I was in his arms, even just for a moment. He is horrid, and there's no way I'd change my mind. Sex meant nothing to me since I've never had sex before. But I sit and listen to Athenodora's stories anyway. She blushes and flips her hair out of her eyes. Ooh, it was enough to make me lose it without him even touching me at all, I swear. Athenodora continues. And oh my, his cock was simply—" "Stop! The blonde girl shakes her head. And then look at yourself. You're wearing gold silk and jewels, and I am wearing an animal skin dress.

    If that is not luck, I do not know what luck is. I walk over to one of the mirrors and inspect myself. I still refuse to believe that I am lucky. Luck to me would be having had made it out of the raid with a tangible house, parents, and my Cordell. Athenodora says that Abigor was looking for me secretly throughout the day. I can't avoid him forever, for my bedroom is also his. The cream that Evalyn had given me had really helped to heal the bruises and take the pain away, but the colour and handprint are still pretty visible. It's about eight o' clock at night when I foolishly decide to take a step outside of the harem.

    Abigor waits for me there, a frown on his face and his eyes a storm. I gasp in surprise, but I don't run. He grabs me by the arm and pedals me down the hallway. I don't refuse him or struggle. He thrusts me into his room, shutting the doors behind us. He spits out a streak of curses in his language, tugging at his braid impatiently. Where you been? Instead, I look away and turn my back to him. That doesn't fly very well with the barbarian king. A strong hand grips my shoulder and yanks me back around to face him. I bare my teeth at him. He points an accusing finger at me. When I talk to you, you best answer me! Oh, don't you dare.

    You said nothing! You deserved it! How did I deserve to be choked and humiliated? Is he serious? I tug at my hair roughly. My people don't defend our whores. That shames my title! I'm the king! That fuels my fire towards him. Tears stung in my eyes. My fingers clutch at the gold necklace around my neck. I snap it off of my neck and throw it at him. This surprises him, for he wasn't expecting me to throw the jewels at him. I pound him relentlessly with my fists. He wrestles me back, stopping my nails from clawing at my skin. You're hurtin' yourself.

    He's warm, and his arms comfort me. But I realize who he is, and I push him, my palms hitting him hard in the chest. He stumbles back in shock. Tears run silently down my cheeks. I wonder if he can see the bruises on my neck. And long sword fights usually result in death. And my brother has wanted my throne for years. I wouldn't care if he died.

    He sits down in the big chair near the fireplace and stares into the burning logs. I walk slowly away into the corner and sit on Abigor's bed. He lifts his goblet of wine to his lips. I do not answer him. He sighs. He looks down at me with blazing, heated eyes. His long, heated fingers brush my hair out of the way to reveal the handprint-shaped bruises imprinted on my skin. He looks away in disgust at what his brother did to me. The muscles in his jaw tense as I look at him. He gets up from where he sits in his chair and gulps the rest of the wine down his throat.

    He slips off his pants, leaving only his breechcloth. His legs are defined and muscular; he's visually a work of art. Men have appetites that are meant to be fulfilled. Rumor has it, Elizabella, that 'de harem has told you of my talents, hmm? We should sleep. I undress from my silk and make him turn away before I put on my nightwear. Once I'm finished, he lifts the covers for me to climb in. I'm wary. I slide to the very edge of the bed, my feet hanging off the edge. I'm still angry with him. I'm still hurt from what he'd said about me, basically telling me that I was nothing to him, and he wouldn't tell his brother to stop choking me because it would have spoiled his crown.

    When he says goodnight, I do not say it back. He licks his finger and pinches the fire on the candle thictkhorn. I close my eyes thuckthorn try to get comfortable. But it's near impossible. I'm in thicktuorn foreign land, in a foreign bed with a foreign man that wants me in an utterly foreign way. Raid "Sit here with Sluts in thickthorn hall Cordell whispers softly. I feel the passing breeze kissing my neck as it wanders by and the smell of sweet wildflowers it carries with it. I sit by him in the meadow, my knees hugged to my chest. His reddish-brown hair gleams in the sunlight and I can faintly see the freckles on his pale cheeks illuminating with the sun's presence.

    He looks like a spring tiger lily. I thhickthorn and wrinkle my nose at him. How come I've never been here before? His horse, which is Sluts in thickthorn hall to the nearest tree whinnies softly. As a child, I always used to come up here for some peace of mind. Majestic, isn't it? The whippoorwills and the nightingales sing in the trees, the common loons ahll their mysterious call from the lakes deeper into the Slits forest. Woodpeckers drill into the bark of trees, the clunking noise echoing in my ears. I pull my attention from the authentic bird noises and the quiet rustle of the trees to focus on the wonderful Sluts in thickthorn hall sitting beside me.

    Promise me, Elizabella, that you will save yourself for me. Wait for me. Because I will always come for you, no matter what. I promise you. He smiles a honey sweet smile, one that spreads over his face slower halk the thickest molasses. I think about our future life together all the thifkthorn. You and Sltus in the countryside, living in a big old wooden house built by yours truly, a farm in the back, and little thickthlrn babies running wild around the living room. Can you see it? And yes, I can see it. I can't tbickthorn but picture the scene myself. Little redheaded girls with big green eyes and pretty faces freckled like a robin's egg, and big strong brunette boys with her brown thicktborn and Cordell's sweet smile.

    He smiles and lays his folded hands on his knees, puffing out his chest proudly. Then it's settled. You and me? Sluts in thickthorn hall heart is pounding as I depart from my dream. My mouth falls thickthorrn a thiclthorn as I realize that I'm not in Cordell's thicmthorn, but in thikthorn bed, in his lands. But I'm comfortable, I'm so comfortable, and I don't want thhickthorn get up. My eyes flicker open slightly, taking in my surroundings. A heavy tanned arm is draped across my body, and my legs are entwined with another pair of long, hot legs.

    My eyes widen in realization. I'm lying closer to a man than I ever had before, he wasn't even Cordell. Abigor still sleeps soundly. I don't want to wake him, so I try to slip out of his grasp quietly. I lift his arm off of me and set it on his side. I pull my right leg out of his. He stirs quietly. I silently curse and try my left leg. I've almost got it free when a huge hand wraps around my neck, a gigantic thumb threatening to push on my pulse point. This angers me. The bruise on my neck still hurts from his brother's assault yesterday.

    My fingers try to peel his off of my skin. I struggle to get out of his grasp, but he's unrelenting. I wanna sleep as long as I can. My fingers trace a pattern on his hand. It's a wise choice, not saying anything. His warm hand caresses the smooth skin over my hip and his fingertips skirt over my thigh. I tense up almost immediately. He kisses a bruise on my shoulder as his fingers trail down towards my womanhood. I clench my legs together and roll away from him. I try to stand but he just pulls me closer to his body. I…I not like my men. I take a woman when she begs me to take her, to fuck her so hard and fast that her vision goes blurry and her voice is shot for days.

    Abigor's huge hands settle on the soft swell of my hips and he grinds his erection into my backside. I find myself gasping before I can even register it. But Elizabella, my Tiger Claw, I doubt you'll be able to stay away from me for long. I'm frozen in my position. I don't know what to think, or what to say. I look down and see his breechcloth lying on the floor. My eyes flicker back to his huge, beautiful body lying beneath the sheets—I realize that he is naked under the covers and that he was flesh to flesh against me, completely aroused. He looks at me from under his arm, his long black lashes hiding his mischievous brown eyes. I gasp quickly and look away, redness instantly painting my cheeks.

    He chuckles smoothly and slides out of bed. He throws the covers off of his glorious naked body and strides over to his wardrobe. I can't help but stare as I see him walk in front of me, his muscled ass cheeks flexing with each step. I feel like I want to swoon. But I remember who this man is and I instantly shake the thought out of my head. I follow subtly behind him. I don't have a wardrobe of my own, and I'm relying on Abigor to give me something to wear. He notices me lingering awkwardly and realizes why I'm doing it.

    I look over to the wardrobe in the corner of the large room. I hadn't noticed it before. I open the big wooden doors. I'm blown away by how many dresses are stuffed into the little closet. Reds, blues, greens, yellows, pinks, oranges, and an abundance of other beautiful colours. I glance over at Abigor, changing in the corner. He slips on a red breechcloth with a brown leather waist covering. He then dips two fingers into a wooden paint bowl, spreading paint all over his naked chest. I look in the closet for a red dress. I feel somehow connected with my master and can't help myself when I think about matching him. I select a red silk dress from the wardrobe and begin to change behind the wardrobe door.

    There's a cracked mirror beside the door, and I look at myself to make sure I appear alright. The silk accents my supple, womanly curves perfectly, adding just the right amount of concealment needed for my satisfaction and comfort. I see Abigor staring at me, mirth in his eyes. My face reddens and I seethe at him. He takes the silk off of my shoulders, keeping his eyes down as he wrapped the red silk tightly around my bare breasts. As soon as they're covered, he looks up, walking around me all the while winding the silk around my body. By the time he's finished, I look and feel like an exotic princess. The way he wrapped me boosted my breasts and made them look awfully perky and 'up for grabs'.

    He comes back with red jewels on another golden chain and hands it to me. It's more beautiful than the gorgeous one I wore yesterday. He merely shrugs his shoulders, painting on his body more. I examine the jewels for a moment more before I decide to put them around my neck. I sweep my long chestnut curls forward and then back. I feel dirty after not having had a bath in a few days. Perhaps I'd ask for one later. He brings the paint bowl over to me. I look at the liquid inside of the bowl and cringe. It's red and thick looking. Abigor snorts. And as my mistress, you're to honour my title by wearing pig's blood on your face.

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