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    Special Escort Group (Metropolitan Police)

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    A basic police driving authorisation allows police officers and staff to drive any vehicle of the above categories commensurate with their driving duties and in accordance with the limitations placed on basic driver permits. The bike patrols have been welcomed by both businesses and tourists as their presence adds a needed safety element for that busy area. Police drivers may fall short of standards because of human failings and can require a considered or bespoke intervention within the structure of police driver training in order to address areas of development.

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    Police drivers should notify supervisors if any of these factors affect them. The designated patrol area is from Henderson to Governor Nicholls. HPD obtained six new state-of-the-art bikes in August Role[ edit ] The unit's purpose is to provide armed motorcycle escorts for members of the Royal family, protected members of the Government, visiting royals, heads of state and other visiting dignitaries. The Harbor Police Academy was created in and granted POST accreditation as a certified basic training academy for law enforcement officers.

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    It is a matter for force policy to decide whether an individual requires additional enfocrement from a member of the force driver training team on specific areas of driving or police operations to improve their knowledge, or for basic drivers to be able to carry out additional requirements during the course of their duties as basic level police drivers. In the event that any driving qualification, police vehicle classification or vehicle use requires clarification, dnforcement must be obtained from the force driver training lead in conjunction with the head of fleet.

    A CPD specification is currently under development. Prevention of crime through proactive patrol Discovery of hazards Coordinating with Port businesses and tenants to ensure good public relations and crime prevention Fire inspections and patrol Response to calls for service Investigation and reporting of all crimes Administering aid to the injured Arresting of offenders Giving testimony in court cases Traffic accident investigation, direction, control and enforcement Regulation of certain businesses or activities as required by law or ordinances of the Port of New Orleans Maintenance of public order Assisting in providing emergency services Reporting the arrivals and departure of marine vessels within the Port Development of good public relations between citizens and the Department Marine Division The Marine Division, formerly the Harbor Police Patrol and Rescue Boat Division, was created in HPD Marine Division was created to provide the following services:

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