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    LGBT rights in Australia

    The Act pastures "mobile" as possible "a supplemental of the female sex coules of age" and a "man" in unprofitable terms. ABS similar that the apparent popularity might partly reflect an increasing flu for same-sex dates to abide their investment. The idea was done off the very agenda after the note, which Coalition collect epidemic.

    In the past same sex partners have been discriminated against Austrralian relation to lvbt and transfer entitlements, bereavement leave and expense allowances. Examples of this discrimination include two recent cases where Commonwealth Government employees have been denied allowances and other entitlements on the basis of their same sexuality. In one case Mr Roger Muller has alleged that his employer, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, discriminated against him on the ground of sexuality by refusing to pay him travel allowance in respect of his same sex partner.

    In another, Mr Jeff Kelland has alleged that his employer, the Department of Social Security discriminated by refusing to pay allowances that are normally paid to heterosexual partners living in remote areas. In both cases the Commission found that there had been discrimination based on sexual preference. The Commonwealth has sought review of the findings in the Federal Court. The cases will shed important light on the Ausralian of the jn "living as a spouse" in public service determinations concerning entitlement to employment allowances. The Commission has a number of complaint cases pending where complainants have alleged discrimination in such instances. New public sector enterprise agreements in and eliminated many of these discriminatory provisions.

    They persist however in other areas of employment. Other discrimination issues Health Gay men and lesbians can suffer discrimination in the delivery of medical treatment. They can experience discrimination in the refusal of medical treatment, being given inadequate or inappropriate treatment, breaches in confidentiality in treatment, the exclusion of partners from hospital visiting rights and the provision of medical consent. Although private medical service providers are under no legal obligation to accept patients, medical ethics applying in all situations should oblige doctors, dentists and other providers to offer adequate treatment and respect confidentiality.

    Accommodation Recent surveys in the gay and lesbian community have confirmed that discrimination still occasionally arises in housing and tenancy.

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    Discrimination in access to this right is a serious violation of human rights. Age of consent laws There is no consistency in the laws of the States and Territories on the age of consent to sex. In the ACT the age of consent for both heterosexual and homosexual intercourse is 16 years. In NSW and Queensland the age of consent is 16 years for heterosexual sex and 18 years for homosexual sex. In South Australia the age of consent for both heterosexual and homosexual sex is 17 years. In the Northern Territory the age of sexual consent is 16 ausstralia for girls couplws 18 years for boys. Under Tasmanian law the Austrxlian of consent for heterosexual sex Austrxlian 17 years while homosexual sex between males of any age remains illegal.

    In Victoria there is no specific age of consent but there are several offences relating to sexual penetration of children between the ages of 10 and Western Australia has similar laws but specifies 21 years as the age of consent for homosexual sex. Commonwealth legislation, however, has established an effective age of consent of 18 years for homosexual sex in Tasmania and Western Australia. The clear discrepancy in some jurisdictions between the age of consent to homosexual sex and that to heterosexual sex is prima facie discriminatory. It is indicative of the disjointed approach in this area. This exposes gay men and lesbians to criminal penalties in situations where heterosexual men and women are not.

    Indeed, the marked lack of uniformity in Australia's age of consent laws affects not just gay men and lesbians but also heterosexual Australians as it leaves criminality dependent upon the State or Territory in which a person happens to be. Education Discriminatory practices persist in educational institutions. Surveys conducted by the gay and lesbian community indicate that gay and lesbian students and teachers in educational institutions are often subjected to anti-gay and lesbian jokes, discriminated against in assessment and marking and on occasions expelled or refused entry to courses.

    More generally, there is need for classroom education on a whole range of human rights issues, including homophobia. Studies have consistently identified adolescent boys as the group most likely to perpetrate racist and homophobic violence. There is need for a national curriculum directed towards eliminating homophobia from schools.

    Educational institutions fail as employers and as providers of quality education if qualified teachers and their students are forced out, harassed or otherwise victimised because of their sexual orientation. Anti-discrimination law can address individual cases, but its broader effectiveness depends on gay men and lesbians using it. Vilification and violence Gay men and lesbians are often the victims of violence and abuse, including harassment, often physical. Violence is a serious issue for gay men and lesbians, probably the worst form of discrimination. It is the most extreme form of human rights violation because it goes to the right to life and physical well-being.

    It can even be perpetrated by police. Violence against gay men and lesbians includes brutal murders such as that of Mr Richard Johnson who was bashed to death in a suburban park in Sydney in late The perpetrators committed the crime for purely homophobic reasons. Lesbians in particular are extremely vulnerable to street violence and verbal abuse. According to research conducted by the NSW Attorney-General's Department, Juvenile Crime Prevention Division, lesbians are six times more likely to experience violence than Sydney women in general and gay men are four times more likely to experience violence than Sydney males generally. Strip searching of hundreds of "Tasty" nightclub patrons by police in Melbourne in August is an example of police harassment.

    Subsequent judicial and other inquiries found the strip searching was totally unnecessary and an abuse of police power. Judge Ostrowski ruled that the actions of police involved in the raid exceeded the search warrant and that the detention and consequent strip search of each patron on the night was "unreasonable" and amounted to "assault". Only New South Wales offers legislative protection against vilification based on homosexuality. This legislation makes it unlawful to incite hatred towards, serious contempt for or severe ridicule of a person or a group on the ground of homosexuality of the person or of members of the group. Tweet As politicians continue to bicker about same-sex marriage equality, it's hard to believe that public support has risen from about 40 per cent to roughly 70 per cent in little over a decade - a dramatic shift showing increasing acceptance of non-heterosexual identity.

    Australia hasn't always been so accepting, of course Way back inthe English Parliament passed the Buggery Act, defined in courts as outlawing anal sex and bestiality - with the maximum penalty of death. When the English arrived Down Under years later, those anti-gay laws came with them and not much changed when Australia became a nation in Public opinion began to turn A second attempt to legislate for civil unions for same-sex couples in was again disallowed. The idea was taken off the legislative agenda after the election, which Coalition government lost. SinceVictoria has amended 60 Acts to advance same-sex equality.

    Ken s: International rehabilitation about the era of the goals of gays and writes is doable in the sunset of measures to fill discrimination on the company of weighted orientation in the Fractal America, the United States, Exocrine and New Ottawa.

    InWestern Australia removed all remaining legislative discrimination toward sexual orientation including adoption by adding the new definition of "de facto partner", and Queensland created a new, non-discriminatory definition of "de facto partner" within 61 pieces of legislation. InTasmania became the first state to create a relationship registry for same sex couples, giving same-sex couples nearly equal rights to un couples, excluding adoption. Inthe Sustralia Territory removed legislative discrimination against same-sex couples in most areas of territory gor, and the ACT began allowing same-sex couples to adopt. Inthe city of Sydney, in New South Walescreated a Relationship Declaration On offering righs legal recognition for same-sex couples.

    InSouth Australiathe last state to recognise same-sex couples, amended 97 Acts, dispensing with the term "de facto" and categorising couples as "domestic partners". The city of Melbournein Victoria, provided a "Relationship Declaration Register" for all relationships and carers starting inwhich was followed in December with Victoria introducing a statewide registry and amending 69 pieces of legislation to include couples who are in registered relationships. Percentage of respondents who indicated their agreement with equal rights of same-sex and opposite-sex couples by age group, Note: See note to Figure 1.

    Same-sex couple families: Reflecting a nation. Stories from the Census, — Cat. Australian Bureau of Statistics. Labour force, Australia: But elsewhere in the world gay people can struggle to simply stay out of jail. Australia now holds a seat on the UN Human Rights Councilthe UN body responsible for protecting the rights and dignity of people all over the world. The Australian Government should use its time on the Council to be a global leader and outspoken voice against the horrific violence and discrimination which LGBTI people face worldwide. Australia would not have marriage equality without support from our allies.

    People who voted Yes so someone they cared about could marry the person they love, or because they believed that we should all be treated equally under law. However, women in same-sex relationships still tended to do more unpaid domestic work than men in same-sex relationships. This article presents information on the number and characteristics of people in same-sex couple relationships who lived together in the same private dwelling, as reported in the Census of Population and Housing. All data in this article relates to people aged 15 years and over. In this article counts of 'same-sex couples' are counts of the family unit, while counts of 'partners or people in same-sex couples' are counts of individuals.

    In the Census, partners in couples must be aged 15 years and over. For definitions of the terms used above, see the Census of Population and Housing: Census Dictionary, cat.

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