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    Codes of ethics and officer discipline

    But there are so many prayers out there anyway many trades datin them. But doors are now quality officers with less drug convictions, which ten years ago would have been made of.

    In one photo, Rodriguez writes: Virtually all police departments have rules against socializing with convicted felons and people found guilty of misdemeanors. Most of them, according to experts, date to the Prohibition era, when corruption was widespread and mob figures often put officers on the take.

    Felons Can cops dating

    The Chicago Police Department's Rule 47 is part of its General Orders and is aimed at avoiding the appearance of impropriety as well as at preventing felons from unduly influencing or compromising officers. Rule 47, according to a department handbook, forbids "associating or fraternizing with any person known to have been convicted of any felony or misdemeanor, either state or federal, excluding traffic and municipal ordinance violations. How can Rodriguez discipline officers for minor infractions like accepting a free lunch, Rosenthal asked, when he is vacationing with a convicted felon?

    But Rosenthal said such rules are usually so vague and difficult to enforce that they are essentially meaningless. But he said it had never occurred to him that there was anything wrong with it, Rule 47 notwithstanding. Rodriguez also said Milito had told him he had been questioned about the unsolved slaying of Amoco Oil Co. I don't think they can, but then again, you never can tell.

    If you do not datong it, it will come up during the background investigation. You felpns have a chance if enough time has passed since his conviction, and depending on his charges. Even if you do get hired you will be frowned upon by certain co-workers within the department. Don Quixote But there are so many felons out there nowadays many families have them. So the question will be what did they do and will what they did and who they associated with affect the agency.

    This is clps factual issue. Must not have been convicted of public lewdness, indecent exposure or prostitution. Cam not have been convicted, plead guilty or nolo contendere, placed Cn probation or deferred adjudication for a Class B misdemeanor within the last 10 years or since the 17th birthday. Must not have been convicted of a DWI Class B misdemeanor within 10 years preceding the date of application. Must not be on probation for any crime. Must not have been discharged from military service under less than honorable conditions. Vieira v. Presley, F. Ziccarelli v.

    Leake, F. Genesse Co. Decision may affect the enforceability of association and fraternization bans by public employers. Roberts v. Jaycees, U. Baron v. Meloni, F. Suspension warranted when officer "fraternized" with ex-con, even though conviction was nearly 20 years ago. Morrisette v. Dilworth, 59 N. Wilson v. Taylor, F.

    Ex-officer could not just in his easel suit for More Amendment wade. His gallant with others and acquaintances, who were under applicable day, was not a little protected right. Meloni, F.

    Prohibition of association with persons of ill repute upheld by arbitrator; punishment affirmed. Illinois Supreme Court upholds the termination of a police lieutenant who traveled to Europe with Tony Accardo, even though the alleged gangster had not been convicted of a felony. The act was "conduct unbecoming" of an officer. DeGrazio v.

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