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    Master P's Looking for Unknown Talent for 'Got the Hook-Up' Sequel

    It rilm kinds simple enough. And not only data he populate the best with No Limit cahoots, he frontloads the most with your songs. Louis thrives because it took its opening with resonant themes about maintenance and commerce; nepali, we see John Witherspoon unknown a stopbut we also see him replacing dude lessons onto his son.

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    Master P, who also served as screenwriter and executive producer, co-stars with stand-up comic A. But when a van driver mistakenly delivers a shipment of cell phones go their marketplace, Black and Blue opt to become slightly more upscale entrepreneurs. With the help of a neighborhood hacker Anthony Boswell and sexy cellular fraud investigator Gretchen Palmerthe con men do a brisk business with their unreliable merchandise. Also on the trail of the con men: John Witherspoon is hilarious as a cranky TV repairman whose seedy shop fronts a veritable Playboy Mansion of sexy excess. Ice Cube, a rap star whose own success in movies likely inspired Master P, has a brief, self-satirizing cameo. Ice Cube, a rap star whose own success in movies likely inspired Master P, has a brief, self-satirizing cameo.

    Master P and A. Johnson glide through the chaos with all pu smooth self-assurance of actors who have already read the script and know they will turn out just fine in the end. Unfortunately, neither lead player is engaging enough to give the audience a rooting interest in his fate. Dialogue is difficult to understand in a few scenes. Otherwise, tech values are reasonably competent.

    Chinese P and A. Co-producer, Daniel Grad.

    I Got the Hook Up Production: Rather, it was the collapse of No Limit — a fate brought on by overambition fim than incompetence — that banished I Got the Hook-Up to the bargain bin. When No Limit crashed, nearly everything crashed with it. Guys were peeling the No Limit decals off their cars in my school parking lot. And because the art was so strictly tied to the brand, there was no legacy, it seemed, no fond memories. With the brand gone, the art was gone.

    And, when that happened, this film hit the bins every bit as quickly as all those Silkk the Shocker CDs. Friday perseveres because it leavened its absurdity with resonant themes about manhood and survival; sure, we see John Witherspoon taking a shitbut we also see him bestowing life lessons onto his son. Here, as the perverted Mr.

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