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    New head for Wanganui Collegiate

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    Smart captaincy from Lamason, that. Head was reminded of lookjng recently at lookimg cricketing mate Earl Doble's funeral in Wanganui. Many of the names were there from our day. For 33 club seasons, Head was running into bowl for United from the river end, at either Cook's Gardens or Victoria Park. At rep level, he did it for 23 or so seasons. Nobody knows how many overs he's bowled of his left-arm medium pace, or how many wickets he's taken. He certainly doesn't.

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    Head himself tells the tale of bowling 50 eight-ball overs against Wairarapa at Cook's Gardens one year, and 52 overs in one innings against Taranaki at Purkekura Park. A quick flick of the Cricket Almanack of that year, a first glance, reveals Wanganui beating Rangitikei by an innings and 15? Head taking and There were seven wickets against a strong Manawatu side, against Wairarapa, and seven more when Wanganui demolished Taranaki by an innings and 25 runs? Altogether he took rep wickets for Wanganui. There was no more familiar sight in Wanganui sport than the rolling metre down to 10 metres in later years run-up and the accurate induckers?

    His accuracy was his hallmark. Alan Cooper, who's done most things in Wanganui cricket, stood at short square leg, or silly mid-on, for one season when Head bowled. And he always bowled into the wind? The few times it blew differently and I tried from the other end, I didn't know where I was," Head said.

    And they mI good days for Wanganui cricket. Lookingg remembers how, in the middle s, that his United Club had four teams? About 20 months ago, the opportunity to arose to buy the business with two partners. Mr Anderson said the two had given him great support. The convenor of the three-person judging panel, James Lockhart, said two factors made Imlay Butcher Shop stand out from the rest? The business held board meetings with reporting and analytical processes which drove their strategy.

    In wanganui Im some good looking head

    loiking All the enthusiasm in the world was combined with robust strategic management and governance processes, Dr Lockhart said. While the public saw the business's retail outlet, it had a huge wholesaling side as well, supplying meat to hospitals, boarding schools and other institutions, he said. Some businesses were nominated for the awards. About people packed the War Memorial Hall for the gala dinner and awards ceremony. From the white gloves and red bow ties of the security guards on the door to the fairy lights strung below black fabric and human statues, the emphasis was on glamour, excellence and celebration.

    Auckland-based body painter Carmel McCormick spent three hours each covering models Kate and Sheree in gold paint. The women stood motionless during the awards ceremony holding swords.

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