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    Quiz: Is it Time to Break Up?

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    So do you think you have a right to answer your phone when you considered it rude for someone else to do the same?

    Question 22 How do you feel about a man who surprises a woman with flowers on the first date? But do you actually think this is a romantic gesture in the modern world? Or does it come off as a bit desperate and unoriginal? Question 23 Would you ever date someone that you thought was less attractive than you? Yes No This is easily the number one way to tell if someone has standards that are too high — they boldly refuse to date someone that they deem as less attractive then them. In fact, many will only consider potential suitors that are waaaay out of their league. Good luck with that. Question 24 If your date wants to do something that was not part of the plan, what would you do?

    Would you be accommodating enough to change course for a full-blown restaurant? Or are you suddenly offended that they would even think about altering the plans? Or do you believe that people should always offer up compliments during a first date? Question 26 What do you usually end up talking about on a first date? So in this instance, do you look to some of the most traditional topics? Or do you let them steer the ship? Question 27 What do you do in the midst of an awkward silence? Wait for them to say something first Blurt out the first thing that comes into your mind Bring up the weather Start talking about how much you hate awkward silences Maybe the greatest fear going into any first date is that you will have to endear a number of awkward silences.

    So do you always keep a couple of go-to ideas in your back pocket in expectation of this? Or do you pray that they break the silence first? Question 28 What is appropriate first date attire? Or do you believe that there are certain traditions and unspoken expectations for a reason? Question 29 Do you believe the guy should always hold the door? Yes No Are you a traditionalist who always believe that the guy should hold open the door and pay for the first date? Or could you not care less about this issue? More importantly, do you think that you always deserve special treatment? Question 30 How do you feel about texting during a first date? If you are, we certainly hope you can reign in your anxiety to make it through an hour-long date.

    Question 31 What do you want most out of a relationship? You go round and round in circles: Sometimes, you almost wish someone would just make the decision for you. The truth is that relationships, as great as they are, are rarely as simple as we would like.

    There are all kinds of things that can make it hard to come wr figure things out. Sometimes, you get on brilliantly in some ways, but not so great in others. Sometimes, everything is perfect except for one big detail. This content has been produced in partnership with Status, as part of their BetterBreakups campaign.

    Continue dating quiz Should we

    If datint have similar Shojld, then great. If your commitment levels continu, you might want to talk about what is causing this difference. One study of college students found that people who would initiate a breakup with their partner in the next five months had lower commitment levels than people who would still be dating their partner at the end of that time. If you find out your partner is cheating, for instance, or if your parents strongly disapprove of your partner, or if you have to move to China and your partner insists on keeping a position in the state of Wyoming, such factors could prompt a non-commitment-related breakup.

    All in all, your commitment score is a significant puzzle piece when you want to know if your relationship will last.

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    Understanding your own commitment will give you a unique perspective on yourself and your relationship. So, go on, click here to find out how committed you are! Feel free to take it or pass it along to a friend! Interested in learning more about relationships? The Investment Model Scale:

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