• Windows updating your system stuck at 0%

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    HP PCs - Windows Update 2756872 Hangs at % (Windows 8)

    Right root on it and click it. Chinatown the update number that you tell to download.

    If not, congratulations!

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    But if this issue reappears, you can try the updzting fix, below. Pro tip: Want us to ykur the problem for you? This didn't work. I tried all the command updaating options. Variation after variation after variation I recognize other people might have different factors affecting them which means this might not work but in another thread some guy said he finally got up in frustration and walked away from his computer and then coming back hours later with the screen still on it was actually updating. It appears there is an issue from what I can tell unique to Windows 8 where it won't show any progress on updates even though it is downloading them in the background.

    It should be working this time. And that moment calls for a meme: I wish. Like what you read? Please share it with others.

    Download Windows Updates again. Solution 4: If you have updatong anti-virus software on your computer, use it to scan your computer to detect any possible virus. Solution 5: Find Windows Update service. Open C: See the link in Step 3 if you're not sure how to start in Safe Mode.

    During the System Restorebe sure to choose the restore point created by Windows just prior to the update installation. Assuming a restore point was made and System Restore is successful, your computer should be returned to the state it was in before the updates started. If this problem occurred after automatic updating, like what happens on Patch Tuesday, be sure to change Windows Update settings so this problem doesn't reoccur on its own. Since these menus of tools are available from "outside" of Windows, you can try this even if Windows is completely unavailable.

    Your stuck updating at system 0% Windows

    This option is not available in Windows XP. Systeem your computer's "automatic" repair process. While a System Restore is a more direct way of undoing changes, in this case of a Windows update, sometimes a more comprehensive repair process is in order. Windows 10 and Windows 8:

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